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Character Creation

Characters all start with the same base stats, as follows: 55, 50, 50, 45. These are 'pairs', as normal SF rules (e.g., putting 55 in STR gives 55 STA as well). After that, a player has 10 points to add to stats. One point adds 1 to both paired stats (e.g., STR/STA, DEX/RS, INT/LOG, PER/LDR). After those 10 points are spent, the player chooses a Race and applies appropriate modifiers.

A Note About Mentalists: With regards to "Optional Rules in Play" (see below), this is the exception to the rule. For now, lets just say "No" to Mentalists as PC's. I have an idea where and how I want Mentalists to show up and work with regards to The Frontier. Once everyone sees how they are applied/used, I'll open up the Mentalist PSA for player choice.

Optional Rules in Play

Just about all optional rules found in the books, as well as in the Star Frontiersman and Frontier Explorer e-zines are open for use (<u>Exception:</u> Mentalist PSA from the core Alpha Dawn; see above for that little blurb). That said, some of those rules and options will likely be modified if they don't fit with what we, as a group, feel is "fun".

Any option that is chosen by a player understands that the first time it is used in the campaign can be considered a "trial period" or "test run". After a session or two we, as a group, will discuss what we feel this particular option brings to the game and what it harms. If the later, then we have to decide to fix it or nix it.

StoryDeck Cards

I really, really like the whole "MasterDeck" cards from the Masterbook RPG. This includes the Plot Development cards. It works well, adds a surprising amount of excitement and imagination-boosts to any game I've ever run with them (Shatterzone, and my own Zombocalypse! zombie-survival horror setting using Masterbook). To this end, we will be using the Masterbook/Plot Development cards.

How MasterDeck Works With Star Frontiers





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