Just Another Cog

The Frontier is filled with packed planet-cities, companies with employees that number in the billions, and yet still holds vast areas of unexplored space. The hustle and bustle of just making a living in the United Planetary Federation makes exploring the vastness of space nothing  but a dream to most. The majority of people (be they Human, Dralasite, Yazarian, Vrusk or other) have never left the planet they were born on, and relatively few have managed to scrimp and save enough credits for a short vacation to an orbiting "VayCayStay" (an orbital space station devoted to vacationers and tourists). Fewer still set foot on a nearby moon or planet. If you want to see outer space and visit other planets, you really only have three viable choices; join a star-freight company, or join the UPF Spacefleet Forces. A third option is to join Star Law.

Just Another Cog - A Star Frontiers Campaign

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