How MasterDeck Works With Star Frontiers

A Star Frontiers MasterDeck

As mentioned, I really love the whole MasterDeck and Plot Development card system for the Masterbook RPG. I am in the process of creating my own SF specific deck, but for now I'll just have to do an on-the-fly conversion.

To do a conversion, it's probably easiest to just convert a +1 in MasterDeck into a +5 for Star Frontiers. Skills are best handled on a case by case, dependent on the action taking place. Specific effects granted via MasterDeck can also be case by case, but should use a "common language conversion" (e.g, "Taunt/Trick" means just that… the character is trying to taunt or otherwise trick someone; so use whatever skill is most appropriate for that task).

Other than those base conversion notes the rules and benefits/penalties for success or failure with regard to a MasterDeck effect is as per the Masterbook rules. Typically this will give the character a bonus ("Up", in Masterbook terms), and usually a free draw from the deck. It's all fairly self-contained, really.

How MasterDeck Works With Star Frontiers

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